Kikos Lanitis was born in 1948 in Limassol, Cyprus but spent his adolescence and coming of age in London during the legendary 60’s.

His studies at Kingsway College offered him the necessary artistic training but his attitude and choices were determined irrevocably by the revolutionary climate of that period, the expiring glory of modernism, which Lanitis embraced with great enthusiasm.

A review of his long-term artistic course, reveals to the scholar of his work, a service of arduous work, of continuous speculation and of systematic construction of his personal expression.

What characterizes his artistic dictionary is the balance between the masterly working of colour and the hidden power of everyday objects found in his works of art. Paper, metal, wood, cement, stone, photographs, fibre-glass, wire, pipes, compose the language of his materials and turn into carriers of expressive codes, co-operating with the second equivalent element of his work, colour. But Lanitis, a colourist par excellence, preserves his interest unimpaired in the masterly working of colour, claiming chromatic qualities in every painting attempt of his, without ever seeking refuge in the facility of decorative and aesthetical play.

The huge retrospective exhibition of his works at the Municipal Gallery of Athens in the autumn of 2001, systematically recorded and represented the creativity of his journey which ended with the adoption of undulated cardboard as a bedding for his paintings instead of the canvas and the artistic elements and possibilities offered to him by the bas relief of this particular material.

Another three important exhibitions followed, subsidized by the Ministry of Culture of Greece and the Ministry of Education and Culture of Cyprus, under the auspices of the Municipal Gallery of Athens. The first at the Greek Cultural Center in Stockholm, in September 2002, the second at the “Bastejs” University Gallery in Riga in February 2003, and the third at the National Gallery of Lithuania at Vilnius in March 2003. All exhibitions were organized under the Greek European Presidency and Lanitis’ work became known throughout all of the Northern European countries.

His work was also shown in Stockholm at the Mediterranean Museum.


Nelli Kyriazi


of the Municipal Gallery and Museums of Athens



Lanitis is undoubtedly one of the most important and celebrated artists working in Greece and Cyprus. His dedication to hand-building his mixed media pieces from found materials – a slow, complex and methodical process – is essential to the final form and feeling of his works. Equally integral is the surface and colour of his artworks, achieved by refined detailing and controlled positioning during the finishing process.




He has more than 100 personal exhibitions

(a selection)

2023 Gallery Alfa CK.

2017 gallery Alfa CK.

2016 gallery Alfa  CK.

2014 Gallery Gloria

2013 Gallery Titanium

2013 Gallery Gloria

2012 Gallery Gloria

2011 gallery Gloria “imagine it as art”

2010 gallery Ekfrasi (Yiannas Grammatopoulou) Athens  closing your eyez don’t mean u ain’t there”

2008 “Silks Gallery” Limassol closing your eyez don’t mean u ain’t there”.

2007 Titanium Art Gallery, Athens. ‘Is life more precious than food

and the body more precious than clothes?

2007 Gloria Gallery, Nicosia

2007 Faccia Lei (Portraits in Transition), Spazio Thetis – Arsenale Novissimo

             52nd International Venice Biennale (proposal – Museum Arterra Austria)

2006 “La Bottega” Limassol, Cyprus

2005 Titanium Art Gallery, “Moments”, Athens

2004 Municipal Gallery of Larnaca, Cyprus

2003 “Quest” – Mediterranean Museum of Stockholm

2003 National Gallery of Lithuania – Vilnius  (Under the Greek European Union Presidency)

2003 “Bastejs” University Gallery – Riga (under the Greek European Union Presidency)

2002 Greek Cultural Centre in Stockholm

2001    Municipal Gallery of Athens, retrospective exhibition “Kikos Lanitis, 1984-2001”

(Curator: Nelli Kyriazi).

1999 “Art in a garage” – Limassol

1995 Municipal Gallery of Athens,

1997 “Iliotropio Gallery” – Larnaka

1997 Art House – Pera Pedi, “Colours”                           

1995 Gallery Apocalypse”

1994 House of Cyprus Athens

1994 Gallery Forum Athens

1993 House of Cyprus – Athens, “Explosion”

1993 Apocalypsis Gallery – Nicosia, “Universe”                   

1993 Municipal Gallery of Athens

1992 Morphi Gallery – Limassol, Performance “Fire and  Cement”

1992 Viky Drakos Centre of Contemporary

            Art – Athens, Performance “Fire, Sound and Cement”

1991 Viky Drakos Centre of Contemporary Art- Athens

1990 “Art house” Pera Pedi

1990 “Argo Gallery” – Nicosia

1989 “House of Cyprus”, Athens, “Room and sound

1989 Art Space “Odos Athinon” – Limassol

1988 Gallery” Morfi”

 1988 “My Proposition about art” (Prologue by Efi Strouza),

House of Cyprus – Athens, Video performance.

1987 “Ethousa Texnis” Athens

1987 Morphi Gallery – Limassol

1987 Argo Gallery – Athens (dedicated

            to Giannis Spyropoulos)

1986 Opus 39 Gallery – Nicosia

1985 Les Amis des Arts de Siene

            et Marine – Paris

1985 Studio Interior – Limassol 

1985 Morphi Gallery –   Limassol

1985 Zygos Gallery – Athens  

 1984  “Rembrandt Gallery” – Nicosia

1984 “La Licorne” Gallery – Fontainebleau, France

1983 Curium Gallery – Limassol

1982 Gloria Gallery – Nicosia

1981 Zygos Gallery – Athens


Group exhibitions (a selection)

 2007 “Art Athina” -Athens

2004 ‘Marathon’ – Gallery Titanium – Athens

2004 Athens 2004 culture Olympics Municipal Gallery Athens

2004 “Athens by art” installation for the culture Olympics 2004 in Athens

1996  “Greek Artists paint Christmas”, Municipal Gallery of Athens (Curator: Nelli Kyriazi)

1995 “Time is child moving pieces in a game” – Municipal Gallery of Athens

1995 Municipal Gallery of Patras

1995 Pinakothiki  Larnakas


1995 Tobacco warehouses Spierer – Volos

1995 Petros Nomikos’ Thera Foundation, St. George bastion – Rhodes

1995 Municipal Gallery of Larnaka (Curator: Nelli Kyriazi)

1995 “Ichthys”, Averof Gallery – Metsovo

1991 Vicky Drakos Centre of Contemporary Art – Athens

1991 “Egoism”, House of Cyprus – Athens (Curator: Kostas Stavropoulos)

1993 “New Acquisitions of the Municipal Gallery of Athens” (Curator: Nelly Kyriazi)

1994 “Cultural Centre Melina Merkouri” – Athens   (Curator: Nelly Kyriazi) 

2013 Gallery Titanium

1994 Municipal Art Centre – Nicosia

1994 Pierides Gallery – Glyfada (Curators: Giannis Kolokotronis, Olga Mentzafou)

1994 “Cypriot Artists in the Pierides Gallery Collections”

1994 Municipal Gallery of Patras (Curators: Giannis Kolokotronis, Dimitris Papanikolaou)

1994   “Municipal Gallery of Athens, Greek Painting-Engraving- Sculpture”

1989 “Double Proposal – Lanitis, Mortarakos”, House of Cyprus – Athens

1988 Art Hall of Athens

1987 Epoches Gallery – Athens

1987 Panhellenic Exhibition – Athens

1986 International Exhibition for Peace and Humanity – Baghdad (U.N)

1985 Famagusta Gate – Nicosia (Curator: Kostas Stavropoulos)


1984 Centenaire de la Societe des Artistes Independents 1884-1984. Grand Palais

de Champs Elysees – Paris1982 XVI Grand Prix International d’ Art Contemporaine de Monte Carlo